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Original Thai Massage


Wellcome, Sawatdee Kha

Opening hours:

     Monday to Saturday from  

    10:00 am  to 10:00 pm, reception until 7:30pm

    Sunday and on public holidays we are closed

Contact Information: Bua Thong Thai Massage, 7621 Pécs, Ferencesek u. 3. Hungary. Tel: +36 30 896 1000


Traditional massage: 

Thai massage is a Far-Eastern massage based on centuries-long tradition, gaining more and more grounds all over the world. It is a dry massage well-known for its stress- and tension- relieving effect. It contains acupressure, tender twists and stretching, it loosens the joints, boosts the operation of the organs, helps detoxication, strengthens the immune system and helps the energy flow of the chakras.


Head – neck – shoulder massage: 

It serves to relieve the muscle tension of the shoulders and the neck area. It has a relaxing effect and is effective against headaches. It eliminates the stiffness of the neck, fatigue and migraine, it can be used to treat tinnitus and sleeping disorders. The provision of oxygen increases, concentration and memory improve.



Foot massage: 

The massage of the sole and the lower area of the shin. We stimulate the reflex points on the sole with the help of a special staff. We use original Thai oil mixtures. This massage has a positive effect on the organs, circulation and the extremities. It is relaxing, fills up the body and the soul with energy and strengthens the immune system.

Oil (aroma therapy) massage: 

Full body massage providing perfect relaxation. In Far-Eastern medical culture, plants and flowers play an important role in the treatment of physical and emotional complaints.We perform this massage with aroma oils that our guests can choose according to their mood and request. It pampers, and in addition to its muscle loosening and circulation boosting effect, it relaxes the whole body.

Curative herbal massage: 

We perform it with little sacks containing original Thai curative herbs. The medicinal humidity emerging over the hot steam gets into the pores of the skin, then into the lungs. As a result of sweating, the body is detoxicated. It helps relieve pain and stress, it decreases muscle pain.

Price List

Our Pricelist (Oct.2018):

1 h

1.5 h

2 h

  • 11.000Ft
  • 13.000Ft
  • 11.000Ft
  •    -
  • 14.500Ft
  • 14.500Ft
  • 11.000Ft

Traditionell Thai Massage

Aromatherapy Massage (Oil Massage)

Head Neck & Shoulder Massage

Foot Massage

Herbal Massage

Combined Massage (Aroma & Traditional)

Selection Massage Traditional

  • 7.000Ft
  • 8.000Ft
  • 6.500Ft
  • 6.500Ft
  •    -
  •    -
  •    -
  • 9.000Ft
  • 11.500Ft
  • 9.000Ft
  •    -
  •    -
  •    -
  •   9.500Ft

If you enjoy our massage on a regular base, ask for a discount card at the reception.

After you have spent 10 hours of a wonderful massage with us, you will get one hour for free.

We also have discounted gift cards for your friends or family. Ask us.

Frequently asked questions


Responsible for this website and it’s content: 

Bua Thong Thai Massage, 7621 Pécs, Ferencesek u 3. Magyarország. Tel: +36 30 896 1000

What are your opening hours?

    Please see under „Contacts


How long should a massage be?

    You can choose the duration of the massage. For some massages is a minimum time required. Look into the „Price List“

    Our guests usually request a massage for 1.5 h because this way you can reach a perceivable effect


Can it also be arranged in another place?

    We are not enough therapists to grant such service, Sorry!


Who is it recommended to?

    It is recommended to everybody above the age of 16 years. However as most therapeutic treatments, Thai massage would also 

    be     contraindicated in some cases, like:

    - serious cardiac failure

    - high blood pressure

    - malignant tumors

    - osteoporosis

    - prosthetic devices (e.g. hip or knee)

    - dermatological disorders (e.g. warts, open wounds, bruises, psoriasis etc)

    - pregnancy

    - serious varicose

    It is a basic rule that if there is a serious change in one’s state of health, it is important to act cautious and it is advisable to consult 

    a doctor on the possibility of application.


What should I bring with me?

    For an Oil massage we provide a bathrobe and a towel. It is advisable not to eat too much before the massage. 

    If you can, please try to unwind before the massage and prepare for it mentally so that your body can receive it more effectively.

    You can take a shower before and after the treatment. A shower before the oil massage is recommended.


Can I pay by bank or credit  card?

    Unfortunately not, you can pay by cash only.


What is also important?

    We would like to point out one very important fact. The original Thai massage that we do is a regenerating, refreshing, healing

    massage, which is not to be confused with any kind of erotic massage.


How can I communicate with the therapist ?

    Body language is most of the cases efficient. If you have any further questions ask the receptionist, he/she speaks hungarian and 

    at least english as a second language. Most of the therapists understand also some basic english.


Do I have to make an appointment?

    Yes, you should make an appointment about 24 hours before the massage, this way we can find the most suitable time for you.


Should I give a tip?

    Our Thai masseuses are given a proper salary, all-inclusive. Nevertheless, if you are satisfied and you would like to express this

    with a tip, feel free to do so.

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